An incomplete manual for how to live your life


Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you stuck?

Can't find happiness?


This book guides you through your own emotions to find your balance and joy in life. 

Unconditionally isn't the ordinary self-help book. It is a tool to compass your life. Each and every one of us is unique, with our unique experiences and set of emotions and thoughts. What works for others doesn't necessarily work for you. This is the starting point for the book. We always have to make decisions from where we are in our lives and to be able to do that we need to know where we are. The book helps you to explore this. The questions throughout the book help you to find the answers you are searching for. 


What readers are saying about this book

"Unconditionally is more than a book. It is a toolbox. It is the way out of locked patterns, it is the map of your inner you. Unconditionally is the light, the joy and the flow."

At first, I didn't know if I could believe this to be true, that someone can describe and put words on all the mess I feel inside. Then I started to cry..."

About the author

Marit Segbø

Marit Segbø is a non-fictional author exploring life as she sees it. She is a licenced and experienced life coach. Unconditionally is her first book, and it came to light from all the questions her coachees had about life. Marit reflects over life more than presenting conclusions.